E-Poster is one of reports' formats for the ASCVTS-2018 Congress

E-Poster is one of reports' formats for the ASCVTS-2018 Congress 29.04.2018

E-Poster is one of reports' formats for the ASCVTS-2018 Congress

Dear Colleagues! E-Poster is one of reports' formats for the ASCVTS-2018 Congress. See below how to prepare a presentation for your report in the E-Poster format.

General requirements

  • E-Poster presentation is limited to 8 slides (but no slide as "Thank you for your attention"),
  • Text should be clear and short, use Arial or Times New Roman types,
  • A minimum type size is 24, use 32 size for titles,
  • Use light one-colour background on a slide,
  • Make sure the text and the background contrast well with each other on slides (e.g. bright blue text on a light background),
  • No italics or underlined italics are allowed,
  • Avoid multicolour slides. Do not ornament slides,
  • Leave empty lines between paragraphs or top indents on a slide,
  • Use subtitles.

A maximum of 8 slides is allowed

Slide 1: Title and authors' names. The first slide contains the Title of the presentation.

    - Do not use abbreviations in the Title – abbreviations may be used in the following slides - Do not end the Title with a period (.) - Do not use quotation marks in a Title (" ") - The title must not be CAPS. Do not bold, italicize, underline,superscript or subscript any items in the Title.

    Slide 2: Background and study objectives (maximum 8 bullet points).

    Slides 3, 4: Material (Patients if applicable), Methods; maximum 8 bullet points.

    Slide 5, 6, 7: Results 1 (can include Text, Tables, Graphs, images, but no videos), Results 2, 3 (if necessary).

    Slide 8: Conclusion (only text, maximum 5 bullet points).

    Slide format requirements

    • Titles should represent the content,
    • Round off the numerical values of study results,
    • Draw Charts and Histograms to scales,
    • Indicate the axis of data when plotting Graphs,
    • Use images of one single resolution,
    • Photos, images, Graphs and Tables must have titles,
    • Cut short the text of Results and/or Conclusions – retain the essence,
    • Reduce Tables – do not use large ones,
    • Use abbreviations CHD, CABG, LV, etc.
    • Do not use footnotes,
    • No audios, videos and animated files in the course of E-Poster presentation,
    • Arrange the content of presentation on a maximum of 8 slides.

    Authors are requested to send a PowerPoint:

    1. .ppt
    2. .pptx
    3. .pdf

    to the email: eposter@ascvts2018.org until May 12.