Group ultrasound cardiovascular and organ pathology

The main objectives of the division are:

  1. highly complex ultrasonic and functional diagnostics of a pathology of heart, blood vessels and internal organs (with justification of the priority of the reconstructed pool at combined pathology, with the rationale for determining the types and conditions of reconstruction, monitoring the technical performance of the reconstruction, justification and selection of etiopathogenetic therapy, dynamic monitoring) at the level of modern achievements of medical science and practice;
  2. ensuring the aggregation and integration of different types of diagnostic examinations, development and implementation of diagnostic algorithms with the aim of obtaining in the shortest possible time of complete and reliable diagnostic information in patients with cardiovascular disease;
  3. development and introduction of economically feasible, clinically effective, high quality diagnostic methods, new organizational forms of work, given the current economic mechanism in public health of the Russian Federation;
  4. ensure the cooperation and advice of the specialists of clinical departments according to the diagnosis by conducting independent research, the monitoring of continuity of service of patients at various stages of medical-diagnostic process.

Types of research:

I. Vascular and organ pathology

  1. Complex ultrasound diagnosis of arterial and venous disease for any violations of cerebral circulation (Doppler ultrasound, transcranial Doppler, duplex scanning with color mapping of blood flow, functional tests).
  2. Comprehensive ultrasound diagnosis of occluding lesions of arteries of the upper and lower extremities (dopplergraphy ultrasonic measurement of the index of regional systolic pressure, and duplex scanning of vessels with color mapping of blood flow, functional tests).
  3. Ultrasound diagnosis of venous pathology of the upper and lower extremities (lower and upper hollow veins).
  4. Ultrasound diagnosis of pathology of the internal organs: liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, kidneys, adrenals, bladder, prostate.
  5. Ultrasound diagnosis of pathology of the aorta and its branches (celiac trunk, upper and lower mesenteric arteries).
  6. Ultrasound diagnosis of thyroid pathology.
  7. Ultrasound diagnosis of any superficial and retroperitoneal structures.
  8. Laser flowmetry.

II. Cardiac pathology

  1. Echocardiography.
  2. Stress echocardiography: exercise (Bicycle ergometry), drugs (dipyridamole, dobutamine, nitroglycerin).
  3. Holter monitoring.
  4. Daily monitoring of blood pressure.


In conjunction with the educational-research center "Modern medical technologies" ("Somet") conducts certification courses in ultrasound diagnostics of vascular pathology, refresher courses and individual programs.

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