Department of training and continuing education

The Bakoulev Center for Cardiovascular Surgery is a strong scientific base that provides postgraduate education of medical personnel. The training is supervised and conducted by leading specialists of the Center. Large clinical site and high scientific potential of the institution allow students to receive one of the best educations in the field of cardiovascular surgery and related professions. 

First-year residents are trained at 15 subdivisions of the Center, as well as in auditoriums, laboratories and operating rooms. All residents are given access to library and archive resources. Since 2002, by the initiative of prof. Bockeria, the Department of Training in conjunction with the Telemedicine Department has organized direct broadcasts from operating theatres. Further development of this course with broader coverage of related to cardiovascular surgery disciplines is expected. Saturdays are traditionally dedicated to lectures of leading Center’s scientists. Up to 45-50 lectures on cardiovascular surgery and other subjects are given to first-year residents. The range of issues discussed during these sessions is regularly updated. Furthermore, a separate training on cardiovascular techniques with the use of video materials is conducted by the Chief Specialist on Demonstrative Studies. 

Regular work on profile subjects is carried out by leading specialists of the Department. This includes analysis of clinical cases, tutorial colloquiums within the studying process, additional lectures on selective topics, seminars etc..

The Center gives special emphasis to the acquisition of extra knowledge on relative disciplines and particularly on critical care medicine. Therefore, from 2002, first-year residents learn basics of intensive cardiac care in 3 specialized departments and an intensive care unit (3 months in each dept.). 

Postgraduate students of all specialties are also trained in intensive care units within the whole first year of studies. Upon completion of the course at ICU, the students are interviewed for a credit and afterwards continue their education in profile departments. This undoubtedly largely contributes to the increase of knowledge and qualification of future specialists. 

At the end of the first and second years of residency, students pass exams that are supervised by the Head of the Department and by Chief Specialists. The Board of examiners is headed by the Center’s Director. At the end of an academic year, all residents, postgraduate students and doctoral students undergo certification that is carried out by Heads of all clinical subdivisions of the Center. 

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