Undergraduates Research Circle (URC)

Within 2002 URC is in active scientific activity. Every year the graduate students from Moscow medical schools (named Medical Institutes) visit our circle. Some of them successfully continue the training in initial residency and postgraduate study of Bakoulev CCVS.

The Sessions of URC are spent on the basis of Bakoulev CCVS in Bourakovsky Institute of Cardiac Surgery on Rublyevskoe Shosse 135, on Thursdays at 5:00 p.m. The part of studies is spent in the Institute of Coronary and Vascular Surgery on Leninsky Prospect 8.

The program of sessions includes:

  • Lectures of leading specialists of Bakoulev CCVS about basic directions of cardiovascular surgery
  • Seminars on the themes chosen by students
  • Visiting the sessions of the Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
  • Joint Sessions with others URC

For the most active students are given:

  • The opportunity of practical work in divisions of Bakoulev CCVS
  • The opportunity of scientific work on the basis of Bakoulev CCVS, participation in annual sessions of Bakoulev CCVS with the All-Russia conferences of young scientists
  • The opportunity of participation in experimental settings

Lectures and Seminars

For pass on the Center’s territory it is necessary to have the student's card. To get on lecture, it is necessary to rise on the main lift on the second floor, to turn on the left and to pass through gallery «World of Surgery». Then, following the indexes to pass to halls №4 or №5.

Visiting the Hospital

Some studies pass at the patient’s bed, for example in the Intensive Care Unit or some other Departments. In these cases, besides replaceable footwear and a medical dressing gown, you should have at yourselves a surgical suit, a cap and a mask.