• About Publishing House of Bakoulev CCVS

    The Publishing House of Bakoulev CCVS RAMS was registered on February 26, 1996. It has own polygraphic base with the newest technical equipment.

    Editor-In-Chief Leo A. Bockeria.

    Since 1997 the publishing house has issued more then 160 publications including monographs, texts of lectures, manuals, atlases and visual aids for physicians and scientific workers.

    Since 2000 the publishing house has been putting out «The Bulletin of Bakoulev CCVS for Cardiovascular Surgery», the journals: «Diseases of Heart and Vessels in Children», «Clinical Physiology of Blood Circulation», «Annals of Arrhythmology». It also issues the journals «Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery» and «Annals of Surgery».

    The Head of Intellectual Property Department, the Manager of Publishing House

    Tatiana I. Yushkevich
    +7 (499) 236-99-76, +7 (499) 236-92-87
    The address:
    119991 Moscow, Leninsky Prospect, 8/18, «Publishing House of Bakoulev CCVS RAMS»