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Department of cardiovascular system radiologic diagnostics

Dorofeev Aleksey Vladimirovich Dorofeev Aleksey Vladimirovich

Head of Division of X-Ray diagnostics, CT and MRI

Head of Department of cardiovascular system radiologic diagnostics


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The division of X-ray diagnostics of A.N. Bakulev Center was founded in 1956, its first head was the legendary Maria Alekseevna Ivanitskaya - the founder of cardiorentgenology in our country and one of the major specialists in the field of X-ray diagnostics of congenital heart and vascular diseases.

Today, the division includes the department of X-ray diagnostics with an x-ray surgical examination unit, department of ultrasound diagnostics, department of computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), an X-ray department at the Institute of coronary and vascular surgery.

Modern technical equipment allows us to conduct researches at the world level. Employees of the department successfully use all imaging techniques known in modern cardioradiology, including advanced post-processor image processing technologies. In the department of computer and magnetic resonance imaging, examinations of the cardiovascular system, as well as of the brain, back bone, abdominal organs are carried out.


The most important achievements of the department include the development of diagnostics of thoracic aortic aneurysm using spiral CT and the creation of computer angiography examination pattern; development and practical application of thoracic morphometry using three-dimensional reconstruction based on computer and MR tomography to determine surgical guidelines; examination of various pathologies using ultra-fast CT, in particular in CAD, congenital lung defects and diseases.

Department staff

Head of Division of X-Ray diagnostics, CT and MRI

Head of Department of cardiovascular system radiologic diagnostics

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ultrasound specialist

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